Necessity is the mother of Invention

On October 5th 2019 I had an accident while trimming brush at my house. A very small piece of metal broke off of the blade on the brush trimmer that I was using and hit me square in the right eye. BULLSEYE! I was wearing PPE Glasses the entire time for what I set out to cut, however when done, I took off my glasses while I was taking a break, and saw something else that I that I should cut and without my glasses on I proceeded. The rest is history.  This just proves that even letting your guard down for even a second was a bad decision with such major consequences. ALWAYS PUT SAFETY FIRST no matter what. As far as the aftermath of my mishap, I was very fortunate that after 5 eye surgeries, over the past year, I will be able to see again out of my right. 

My surgeries left me without a lens and with gas, stitches and scar in my dominate eye. The swelling around my eye was huge. I found that it was difficult to get around without covering my eye. Headaches, and such.

Anyway, I first started by putting black vinyl tap over the right side of my sunglasses and safety glasses. That worked however a little light would get in around the edge of the glass. With clear safety glass it just didn't look right with black tape covering one side and you just can't wear sunglasses around all of the time. 

So I started looking for eyepatches online. I ended up buying 5 or 6 different eyepatches. Ranging from cheap ones from local drug stores, a neoprene one, 2 rubber eyepatches and 2 expensive leather eyepatches from Europe.

They all were uncomfortable to me, mainly because they all rested on my eyelid. This drove me crazy i couldn't stand the feel if closing my eye all of the time that an eyepatch pressed against it, especially with all of the swelling.

Another annoying feature of eyepatches are that they are hot a sweaty. I was always wiping sweat from my eye. 

After my 3rd eye surgery I was fed up with the eyepatches that were available and decided that I was going to design my own eyepatch. After about 20 design changes I believe that through necessity I have made a fantastic eyepatch that:

-doesn't press on you eyelid. Allowing you eye to open and move around freely.

-vent holes design allows eye to breath and not sweat.

-its light weight 5.8 grams.

-made of hard protective plastic.

-look good

-low profile - you can wear most glasses over it.